Things To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating Your BathroomRefurbishing your bathroom can become a very daunting and exhausting task. There are a lot of factors to consider while chalking out your plan of action. Time, budget and the complexity of the work are one of the most essential ones. A well planned bathroom should cater to the needs and easy access to all members of your family and should not be excessively crammed up. It should be spacious and have enough shelf space or cabinets for storage.

Consider These Five Things When Renovating Your Bathroom

D.I.Y or Professional Renovator

Hiring a professional help is beneficial in a number of ways. They take care of everything right from the planning of what needs to be done to its execution and all aspects in between. But this of course depends on your budget. You can also opt to visit a professional renovator for their consultation and then track down the right persons to get the job done for you. The final decision will of course depend on your budget and requirement. However, you can do it yourself too. If you are wondering where to start, read on to know and learn about few basic things to consider if you are renovating your bathroom.


Obviously the first thing to decide on is the budget. This will help you chalk out a clear idea of the quality, quantity and necessity of the materials required. For example, if you have a limited budget and if it’s not necessary don’t change the plumbing fixtures. Or you can fixate on one aspect that you are focusing on for the time being, like the floor or the tiles. This will help you take care of the necessity while controlling your expenses.


The most vital thing to remember when you are renovating your bathroom is to waterproof it. Some old houses have certain areas which are not properly waterproofed. These need to be taken care of immediately. You can consider re-tiling or waterproof your bathroom with tiles in place.

Floors and walls

The next important thing to decide on would be the floors and walls of your bathroom whether you want tiles, a hardwood floor or linoleum. You can visit a store or check online for a variety or designs and options to choose what suits your style and liking. Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the material beforehand.



While you are still in your planning phase, adequate storage space is another important aspect to ponder on. You don’t want your bathroom to look clumsy or be a mess. Decide on where to have shelves and cabinets, the kind of material you need, the design and above all the purpose.

Lighting and mirrors

While renovating your bathroom, make all the necessary arrangements for sufficient light. You should consider the position of windows to allow enough natural light to enter. There are innumerable number of designs and variations for lighting in your bathroom. Browse through all the possibilities and choose what compliments your style the best.

The key to a smooth execution of renovation is to plan ahead and to organize the necessary commodities and tradesmen for the job in correct order. Otherwise you might end up having skipped stages, doing extra work, revisits and additional hidden expenses.

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