Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

kitchen remodeling trends

For several decades, the kitchen played the basic role of where food preparation and cooking was done. The kitchen was secluded and closed off from other sections for only family members. Those days are gone now, as the kitchen has opened itself up and has become the new living room of today’s modern homes. Even guests can come into the house and mingle with their hosts inside the kitchen. Such is the role of the kitchen now, and this would call for some innovative and totally space-efficient kitchen remodeling ideas and suggestions. Because of this kitchens are no longer just space for preparing meals; they are now spots for family and even visitors gatherings, wireless work spaces, and entertaining guests. Trends reflect this transformation. If you are dreaming to upgrade your kitchen, consider the following kitchen remodeling trends

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

For many years, granite kitchen counter-tops have been considered the way to go during remodeling. Till now, it is preferred as one of kitchen remodeling trends by contractors because of its elegance and durability. Other trendy options include stainless steel, concrete, paper stone, wood, bamboo, and glass. To match the latest trend, you can also add a hanging cabinet over the cooking area for storage purposes.
Dealing with the old and outdated kitchen sink? not anymore, small sized sinks are one of the current kitchen remodeling trends You might decide to change it into something a bit more modern. Try to buy small sized sinks so you can have more space. Small size sinks with deep bowls provide greater efficiency when cleaning utensils. It is advised to choose the stainless steel sinks because of their shiny appearance and smooth surface.

While remodeling you must give more priority to the flooring, Eco-friendly wooden floors are now one of the kitchen remodeling trends. They are easy to clean and require no additional covering. Wooden floors also provide a better grip for your feet so that accidents in the kitchen are minimized. Most people in New Jersey during kitchen remodeling ask their designers to use Eco-friendly floors for maximum safety.

Another of kitchen remodeling trends is stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel gives a sophisticated and elegant look to the kitchen. However, the biggest trend is that of hidden appliances. People prefer hiding their kitchen appliances behind wood panels and faux veneers. Appliances are built right in the cabinetry making the kitchen look less cluttered and more organized. Drawer appliances like refrigerators, coffee machines, dishwasher etc are in great demand.

White cabinets are in for their beautiful, classy and timeless look. The best thing about white cabinets is that they work with almost all architectural styles. Whether yours is a traditional or contemporary style kitchen, this cabinetry will just go well with all styles and designs. Adding white cabinets in the kitchen also adds the benefit of choosing any décor type and color palette. Homeowners are looking for cabinets that are minimal and modern.


Besides these, contemporary kitchens are getting layered lighting. Recessed lighting is common and chandeliers and pendants are used to illuminate the seating areas while accent lighting is used above or below the cabinets. For under-cabinet lighting, low voltage LED lamps are the best choice.

The above kitchen remodeling trends can help you design the kitchen that you are looking for. Remodeling ensures that your kitchen has more space, more storage, a better appearance and modern design.

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