Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Greatly Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design


The kitchen is the heart of the home, simply because it’s where you cook, eat, catch up, socialize and even enjoy a snack. As such, the best kitchen design ideas are those that turn it into an all-purpose room. A modern kitchen should be fun, welcoming as well as practical. It should feature a combination of complex colors and creative ideas. The best thing with today’s kitchen is that it can be designed to resemble any other part of the house. This is made possible with the addition of cabinets, other furniture and artwork.

Below are kitchen design tips that will make your kitchen feel more like home

Give it a style

Style is everything when it comes to designing a kitchen. It is also important that the style you settle for meets your tastes and preferences. Common kitchen design styles include contemporary/classic, casual /formal, and homey/complicated. The good thing is that you can blend the above designs so that your kitchen ends up gorgeous yet very practical.

Choose the major components wisely

Once you have a style it would be easy to choose the components that match that particular style. Major kitchen components include cabinets, appliances as well as countertops.


You may opt to redesign your old cabinets or get new ones. If replacing then you can choose between fitted or unfitted cabinets. Unfitted cabinets will let you incorporate different colors and styles. Fitted cabinets on the other hand is designed so that the lower and upper cabinets match. Also get to select the materials and finishes carefully.


They bear most of the work in the kitchen. As such they should be designed to resist wear and tear. The countertops must reflect a blend of beauty and strength. It must be easy to maintain, long lasting and water resistant. The most common and preferred countertop surfaces are either tiled or solid. They are easy to clean, almost non-stick, and can bear frequent chopping and hot things.


These are the things that will help you perform your work in the kitchen. They include refrigerators, gas, ovens, microwaves, wine coolers, cooktops, steamers and many more. This should be selected based on your taste and the space available.

Choose a perfect layout

Kitchen design is not complete minus a matching layout. You can choose to go with the traditional work triangle or select from the numerous modern layout designs that have emerged. Contemporary kitchen layouts include galley, one wall, minimalist or deluxe. The work triangle layout minimizes your movement, and ensures there is less traffic in the kitchen.

Work on the flooring

There is nothing as satisfactory as an elegant kitchen floor. Flooring material and color should match other components in the kitchen. Common flooring materials include ceramic tile, bamboo, vinyl, wood, concrete, and laminate flooring. A good flooring material should be slip resistant, easy to wash, comfortable and watertight.

Light it up

Without good lighting working in the kitchen would be an uphill task. Have bright lights mounted in areas used for particular tasks. Other parts of the kitchen should be served with shadow less illuminating lights. Soft lights in the kitchen mainly set the mood. Fortunately you do not have to stick to traditional lights because of chandeliers, and pendant lamps.

Have additional storage and display

Apart from the cabinets there are also other storage options. These include pantries, hutches, armoires, racks, islands, shelves, and carts. You can also consider open or closed storage techniques which both serve different purposes.


The fear of innovation only gives birth to a drab kitchen. Just identify a good kitchen design style and do not be scared to blend daring and classic. Including other additions such as wall ovens, hanging pots, pan racks, cabinet organizers, modern dish washers and ventilation systems. Lastly, give your kitchen a great finishing touch. Amazing finishing tips include wall and window treatments, different and convenient window styles as well as décor.

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