Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration Process

fire damage restoration process

Fire is an unexpected disaster. However, after a property suffers fire damage, with the aid of modern equipments and materials, fire damage restoration process performed by experts might be able to restore a property back to its original state or even better.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

The process involved in fire damage restoration includes:

The first step that would be taken in a fire damage restoration process is to completely eliminate the threat of further fire outbreak. This will be done by putting out all remaining fire and evacuating any inflammable object that may lead to another fire outbreak. Typically fire damage restoration experts would immediately locate the source of the fire outbreak and do everything possible to ensure that the threat of another fire outbreak from that source or any other source is completely eliminated.

The second stage involved in fire damage restoration process is to inspect the property to find out the extent of the damage. No restoration can take place except the level of damage caused by the fire is first ascertained. This will include, determining how many floors were involved, how many rooms were involved, the properties affected in each of the rooms and floors involved, the intensity of the flame that caused the damage among others. A proper damage assessment is a prerequisite for a successful restoration process. It is at this stage that one can ascertain the kind of equipments and materials to be involved in the restoration process.

The next stage involved in the fire damage restoration process is the removal of smoke and soot from all surfaces. Leaving smoke and soot on properties or building surfaces can lead to devastating consequences, one of which is permanent damage of such properties. After a fire outbreak, appliances not damaged by the flames of the fire can be damaged by the soot left behind. Leaving your appliances with soot all over them is the worst way to destroy them. Within days they would be permanently discolored and may as well become permanently non-functional. So it is important to immediately clean all surfaces and properties to remove smoke and soot from them. When doing the cleaning, always remember to use dust masks so that you are not exposed to the soot. Moreso, ensure proper ventilation wherever you are cleaning so that the soot can escape from the building quickly.

There are several activities that make up restoration of a property after fire damage. One of them is repainting. When damage occurs, it is essential that the property is repainted to bring it back to its original color. Moreso, when fire damage occurs, there is a very significant likelihood that the property would have acquired a foul odor. So there is a need to deodorize the property. Reconstruction is also part of the restoration process. There might be a portion of the building that needs to be reconstructed. Restoration also involves the replacement of items that might have been totally consumed by the fire.

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