Combat Water Damage With the Help of Emergency Flood Services

Emergency Flood Services

Emergency Flood Services

A flooding situation might present itself at the most unexpected times, due to a number of reasons ranging from a leaky faucet, a burst pipe or excessive rains. If emergency flood services are not contacted at the right time, you might end up with ruined furniture, warped flooring , destroyed valuables and walls with paint peeling off. However, luckily there are a number of companies who are armed with trained professionals, state of the art equipment and a mission to protect your house from water damage.

Emergency Flood Services

Flood water may also be contaminated at times, especially if the source of water is related to sewage. In that case, apart from physical damage to your furniture, the water will also bring in pathogenic bacteria. It is thus prudent to seek professional flood services at the earliest to combat the effects of water damage. It is advisable to contact the flood crew within 48 hours of the flooding event. There are also a number of steps you can take yourself to limit the extent of water damage, while the emergency flood services are on their way. We have drawn up a list of the initial actions required in the event of a flood.

1. Shut off the electric appliances

The first thing to be done is to ensure that the flood damages are not aggravated by a short-circuit. Hence you should try to shut off the power supply in the afflicted area and disconnect power sockets. Also, do not use vacuum cleaners to suction off the excess water.

2. Salvage what can be salvaged

Try shifting portable valuables to a higher or drier area. Hang your drapes higher and hike up the furniture skirts in order to protect them from getting wet. Another neat trick is to place aluminium foil under the legs of your furniture so that they do not come in direct contact with the water surface. This will not only protect your furniture from rusting and similar concerns but also protect your floor from getting stained.

3. Spray disinfectants to prevent breeding of insects

If you think the water is going to stand stagnant for a while, you might want to spray a disinfectant or an oil layer atop the water surface to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for insects. Better to be safe than sorry.

Water damage is progressive and its after effects are worsened with time. Hence, it is of utmost importance that emergency flood services are summoned at once. Also, while choosing a agency to combat water damage, you should carefully consider the following factors:

1. Response time

2. Drying equipment

3. Experience and expertise

Most emergency flood services are available on call throughout the day and arrive at the site within three hours. Apart from correcting the immediate situation of eliminating the accumulated water, care should also be taken to prevent probable long-term effects through proper drying and dehumidifier processes. Possible long term effects include formation of mold and infiltration of disease causing bacteria, which should be dealt with immediately.

Choose the correct professional agency and combat water damage.

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