2016’s Most Reputable Water Damage Restoration Companies

Water Damage Restoration Companies

water damage restoration companies


Tragedy hits people when they least expect it and in most cases, victims of home flooding are always unprepared. Can you picture walking into your home after a long day only to be greeted with water? This can not only be infuriating but also can lead to emotional stress if important appliances or documents have been damaged.

Storms and busted pipes are the most common causes of in-house flooding. Even though you might be prepared, at times the water might be too powerful. This is where water damage restoration companies come in. Water damage restoration companies are organizations specialized in repairing homes after flooding. However, there are many water damage clean up companies and choosing the right one might be quite challenging.

Tips for Choosing the Best Water Damage Restoration Companies


To get the best services, always go for a water damage restoration company whose technicians are certified. It’s important to know that water damage restoration companies are licensed by two organizations:

  • Restoration Industry Association (RIA)
  • Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICR)


Always go for a company which is not only available but is also fast to respond. A good water damage restoration company will be at your door step within the hour after contacting them. Keep in mind that the longer the wait, the more the damage. You should consider sticking with local companies.


Before hiring any water damage restoration companies, you should ask more from neighbors and friends who have used the company. How would they rate it? What was the overall cost and customer satisfaction? You might also consider reading online reviews about the company from social media sites.

Range of services

Go for a company which will restore your house to as good as new. This implies that services such as water extraction, carpet cleaning, mold removal and sanitization of infected areas will be delivered.


The best water damage restoration companies should be able to quote an estimate price of the task at hand before the work commences. For instance, some water damage restoration companies charge hourly while others have a fixed price.


Choose a company whose water extraction equipment is up-to-date with current technology. The better the equipment, the faster the operation and the sooner you will get back to your home.


The best water damage cleanup company will always have a liable insurance cover. It should also have some experience with insurance companies. This ensures that your damages will be reimbursed.

Benefits of hiring professional water damage restoration companies

  • You will not have to do any work and this keeps you out of any harm.
  • Professionals ensure that any mold residues are terminated.
  • You will prevent further damage as these companies respond fast and use high-end water extraction equipment.
  • Your house will be totally cleaned.
  • As the work is done fast and efficiently, you will be able to move back in quickly.


Unless you have the required equipment at hand, always rely on water damage restoration companies in case of flooding. In addition, you should always put quality of service before price. This will save you some money in the long run.

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